Visit the castles and monasteries of Posavje …

... and discover their rich heritage, spend a night, have fun and enjoy the centuries of which the walls and people speak

The landscape between the rivers Mirna, Sava, Krka and Sotla is characterized by castles. They have been part of the cultural environment for more than a millennium and bear witness to the life of the local population, which was intertwined with the life of all who travelled through this area to the East or West. No matter which cardinal direction or path you are entering the so called region of Posavje, you are welcomed by a castle.

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Where to begin?

You can start your journey in Sevnica from a castle situated on a hill above the Sava. The Sava will guide you past Rajhenburg Castle all the way to Brežice castle. There, at the confluence of two rivers, the Sava and the Krka, you can turn back travelling along the Krka towards Kostanjevica na Krki and to the once powerful monastery, or continue along the Sava to Mokrice castle. From all directions you can reach Podsreda castle which connects the Posavje to the Kozjansko. In the near future, we hope that the journey will also take you to the locations of the castles Raka, Šrajbarski turn (Leskovec pri Krškem), Bizeljsko and Pišece which have either not been restored yet or are not accessible to general public.


Discover the castles of Posavje with our special offer

Spend the night in the Mokrice Castke and experience the luxury of the castle.

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The brochure guide allows the user to obtain basic information while it primarily invites you to visit all the castles described in it as well as the monastery of Kostanjevica. Above all, we all wish that your journey through the centuries will reflect the past intertwoven with the present events; we would like you to come back and visit our castles for museum collections, events, concerts, performances, excellent offer, welfare and awareness that you are always welcome with us.